Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small Minded Tax Thing

Mitt just told you today that not only is it none of you people's business what is in his tax returns but that you're small minded to be concerned with it in the face of millions unemployed, nuclear Iran, and one out of six in poverty.  Now it may have escaped somebody's notice that R-money has stated unequivocally that the fix to this broken economy is the tax code.

His solution involves slashing corporate tax rates, capital gains taxes, and taxes on "the job creators."  These would all be R-money.  How odd that any one of you small minded little people would think that R-money's experience with the IRS has validity.  This is a matter that should be sorted out in quiet rooms with serious important people.  He'll do something about tax deductions, but not in front of any of you and certainly you have no real interest in knowing how People Like Him deal with a tax burden and deductions.

Now he did state that he'd never paid less than 13% in taxes because he'd gone back and looked at them.  Gone back and looked at them, so you should just trust him.  If that stretches your credibility a bit you could be forgiven.  You could especially be forgiven in light of the blatant lies the R-money campaign has promoted like, "you didn't build that," or maybe "just collect your welfare check," or "cut $716B from Medicare," or "appologized for America," or "Churchill bust."  No, you should just trust him because as Ann noted the more they give the more they're attacked.  You could ask how they could be attacked if there's nothing to be attacked for... well, unless the other side is as big a liar as they are.  The evidence seems to be thin on that.

Now, if you're not insulted that your SS/FICA taxes total higher than Mitt's federal income tax, maybe you'd be a bit more insulted that Ryan's plan would move R-money's effective tax rate down to ... you'll love this... 0.82%.  Yes, that is Zero Point Eight Two Percent, not quite One Percent.  It has been supposed that your taxes would go up with the deductions being messed about with but they say that's not the case even though they won't tell you what deductions get messed with. (I refuse to deal with the deficit explosion that would ensue)

Now all that resistance from R-money could make sense in light of one thing - awhile ago a tax amensty was instituted that let people who'd hidden money overseas amend their tax forms and pay the tax and penalty without being charged for the felony that the IRS had forced the foreign banks to reveal.  The amended form shows as just that and if R-money hid money overseas and got himself an amnesty that uncharged felony would be immediately obvious.  That could be a real problem, a bigger problem than not showing the tax returns.

So Mitt, what is the problem with those tax returns?

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