Thursday, August 23, 2012

It Seems White People Are Gullible

If you were to take a look at the NBC/WSJ poll released the other day one thing would stand out to you, well after you laughed at the 0 in black support for Mitt, which is that Mitt Romney leads Pres Obama 53-40 with whites.  Now that is compounded by a couple things - his lead with rurals 47-38 and seniors 49-41 and Romney's deficit with women 41-51.  Given some other things going on, Mitt must be a really big hit with old white hick males - I do mean a really big hit.  Old white rich men seem to be in his corner but unlike their donations there doesn't seem to be a big number.

Now given the absolute tonnage of R-money lies and the actual effects of the policies he's willing to stick to for a couple days on the economic condition of almost all citizens - I'm afraid the best possible picture of these folks is... gullible. Now, if you are female in gender or one of those who gives a damn about female humans you should find yourself in firm opposition to R-money/R-Ayn 2012. I've got to tell you that the Women split 51-O/41-R at 10 seems remarkable in light of the White split of 40-O/53-R. I'm trying to figure out the truly offensive damaging to women Democratic policies versus the obvious offensive and damaging to Whites that Democrats have been up to... ummm - wait a minute, that doesn't seem to have worked. OK, you do have 27% of the voting population who still thinks GWB (name unspoken within GOP) should be sainted and around 40% of GOP who reckon Obama is Muslim or... something non-Christian and even unlawfully foreign. I suppose it is glaringly obvious that Obama is non-white and as much as it pains me that could, maybe -sorta, be a factor in the White split. You don't suppose that whites are genetically pre-disposed to some kind of genetically driven gullibility - do you? Maybe it's like that Brown Welfare gene... Nah - whites have just inbred themselves into imbecility.

OK, snark to the side... it isn't easy, here - whites are not used to having the economic system crash on them - other people, maybe; but not on them.  White people are first of all entitled and secondly unused to the stacked deck not including them.  Those others are losers who've been sucking the life out of the system for years and even if you're a white loser those others should be losing a lot harder than you and besides it is their fault you're losing.  It just doesn't dawn on them that rich white mostly old men are sucking the guts out of the economic system, wholly own the GOPers, and hold a hell of a mortgage on the Democrats.  Maybe they sense it in some dim way, but they sure the hell can't hurt that bunch and can hurt just about every minority group - punch down.

Are you white?  Yeah?  So what do you think about this kind of spread?  Gonna vote?


LanceThruster said...

[raises hand] White guy, here.

Great piece, Chuck.

I remember hearing from others who denied they got any sort of preferential treatment, or were part of any insiders club, because they were not directly prospering from it.

I pointed out that it did not have to work that way. In the good old WASP days, just because you were white didn't mean your success was assured, but not being white meant that you were assured to be kept out.

Remarkable how something so simple and apparent can be so blindly denied.

Chuck Butcher said...

Damn... a comment on this blog?

Color me pleasantly surprised.

Lance, I've worked hard dirty dangerous blue collar jobs most of my life and you'd be appalled how many can't even get that much less what being a different gender or race means in this world.

John Springer said...

Go get 'em Chuck. You nailed it.

Chuck Butcher said...

2 commenters? an embarrassment of riches...

LanceThruster said...

Quit it! Now you're making me belly laugh!

Eddy Cheek said...

I am a white male in one of the most republican areas in the country. The 5th district in NC. If we don't have the dumbest Representative she has to be a close 2nd. I have been trying for years to understand why people I know and love vote against their own self interest.

Chuck Butcher said...

I'm in OR2 with Greg Walden (R), sadly...
He'll be around for awhile for the same reason you just noted. I tried to do something about it... well, "Heh," works as a description.

Anonymous said...

Another comment from Ireland (yeah, you have an international readership)

I'm not sure what you do in the entertainment business but... if you have the connections to make it happen getting people to change jobs for a bit makes for some powerful alterations in perspective (and can be compelling TV)



I've seen it first hand in a small way. People don't need to go to the other side of the world either.

Chuck Butcher said...

Actually the Ent is Enterprises and the company was a small construction contracting outfit

thanks for the kind words

oddly, back when this thing was read by more than a couple the international readers nearly equaled the parochial.