Monday, August 20, 2012

Akin With A Blue Dress On

"Legitimate Rape."  This little idea would take us back to Akin and Ryan's effort to restrict federal funding for rape victims.  This is going back to some Neandertal idea that rape only includes a cloistered victim who winds up bleeding from... well, just saying various orifices is too damn much detail...  Somehow the GOPers want to go back the idea of, "well, she had it coming."

If it feels like I'm quibbling on a piece of a woman's right to choose, I'm not.  I am trying to point out a symptom of their entire point of view.  Yeah, Ryan/Akin tried to get a Personhood concept passed and that is about as far in that direction as it's possible to go - well, short of outlawing condoms or male singular sex.

I'm serious about their point of view - they really do mean to go back to the "she asked for it," defense.  She shouldn't have worn that short short blue dress with those stockings is where they're trying to go despite Mitt's written hissing at Akin.  Mitt is hissing because Akin got himself knocked around by a lot of media and could cause problems for himself and particularly Ryan - not because he disagrees (personhood endorsement).  Akin is now carrying a blah child from the media's unwanted attentions.

Well, I'd like to point out that they should celebrate that child because that Akin creature put on that Devil's blue dress and the "I put out" shoes right in front of... those kinds of people.  In point of fact, I didn't notice anything close to "forcible" in that encounter - though one could debate Akin's consciousness at that time (or any time).

(female reproductive protection from rape conception ought to point up the dangers of putting science in the hands of the home schooled - hey he didn't get that from any public education)

*apologies to Shorty Long and Mitch Ryder for this theft
**the real question left is if Ryan is gonna get it for wearing that skimpy top along with Akin
***BTW h/t to Ballonjuice comments

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