Thursday, September 06, 2012

R.E.S...P.E.C.T. , All I Want Is A Little...

I don't know, maybe some of us like women... or even are women. The GOPers made a real big point of telling us they "love women" and about what a tough job they have. The biggie in delivering that "love" was Anne r-Money with her slew of affordable spawn. It may have escaped the notice of the GOPers that Ann and Mittens r-Money could have afforded another 25 or 30 rug rats and if any medical issues came up it would take pocket change for them access the best care in the world. Well, the Democrats invited somebody who thinks women have brains and ethics and that liking them or loving them includes letting them exercise those assets.

What the hell could I add to this? Maybe I could suggest to my mostly male* readership that you go hug your wife, girl friend, or lady pal and tell her that you trust the female gender because you actually respect them. Is that real hard - to respect women?

*if you're not male, tell him or her - well, you can figure it out for yourself...

Oh, and by the way... DAMN, how much better a place is this world for the fact that Aretha has been in it?

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The Flying Pig Family said...

Excellent! Thank you for this, it's exhausting to see to the continual GOP attacks on women, and refreshing to read a supportive post from someone who doesn't own a vagina.
Sunny (Serenity's mom)