Tuesday, October 02, 2007

WSJ, Business and Republicans

Rupert had better get a grip on the reporter staff of the WS Journal, these people are reporting things that are definitively unflattering to the Republicans, maybe true, but not good. How's this for heresy, business is bailing on the Republicans. I mean, really, the Chamber of Commerce calls their relationship "complex?"

For Greenspan to bail might be seen as self-serving, but this is getting right out of hand, a WSJ/NBC poll 7/07 found "best party for reducing deficit?" 43D/18R, "dealing with economy?" 41D/27R, "controlling spending?" 37D/20R, "dealing with taxes?" 37D/28R. That's tough news for the R, but it gets worse, 37% of professionals and managers identify as Republican or Republican leaning down from 44% three years ago. If money is a measure, D presidential candidates raised 70% more money than Rs - and take into consideration that 1 in 4 dollars Mitt, the big money raiser, has "raised" is his own money.

The Republicans naturally have not lost hope:

Danny Diaz, spokesman for the Republican National Committee, says, "Americans of every political persuasion that value hard work, keeping more hard-earned dollars, and economic independence and entrepreneurship will continue to stand behind the Republican Party."
Just to counterbalance that particular "spin" in 2002 party identification split 43% each, this year in July it was 50% Democratic/35% Republican. Support for "old fashioned family values has shrunk 11% since 1987, so the Republican religious right is losing sway generally.

Spending some time in the political wilderness might do the Republican Party some good, it sure would do this nation some good.

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