Monday, October 22, 2007

Values Voter Summit Vote Cheating ?

Ahahahahaha, you've got to love it, the Republicans are accusing the Republicans of vote fraud and at, no less, the Values Voter Summit. Get this, there were 5775 votes cast, and despite the summit thing being this last weekend, people who donated a bit could vote online (so much for the value of speechifying) any time between August and Saturday. Mitt just edged out Huckabee despite Huckabee taking 51% of the in person vote versus Mitt's 10%.

Now I can't think of any reason the participants might think there was room for chicanery. You don't suppose any of these hambones have watched news over the last 6 years? They ought to give a call to the DOJ's Voter's Rights Dept, those folks would fall all over themselves - laughing as they ran as fast as they could, there weren't any black faux felons or liberal activists involved. These people play politics as dirty as it can be played without going to jail (sure, sure) and then they get all het up when it goes just exactly the way they do it.

I'll admit it, I feel kind of sorry for Mike Huckabee, he's a decent sort of theocrat, but that's his problem, he's decent sort, and he's playing with the Mitt. You can't blame the way Mitt is on Mormonism, I know a bunch of real upstanding kind people who are Mormons, nope, I think maybe the greed and plutocratic thinking of his business ventures just sort of aggravated a natural character defect. So far in his career he's managed to hold just about every politically useful policy possible what ever contradictions involved. I wouldn't buy a used vacuum cleaner from that guy.

It is just too apropos for these folks to fall into the corruption swamp of their Party's making to feel very bad for any of them. It might be of real benefit to the Republican Party to find out just how nasty the Republican Party has become. Don't hold your breath...

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Steve Culley said...

You cautioned against broad brushes before, so while you are mostly right, Rudy makes chills run down my spin, kinda like hearing a rattle snake somewhere and you just can't locate him, I think Ron Paul might actually be an honest man.