Sunday, October 28, 2007

Legal Beagal Fred Thompson - Snoopy Style Maybe

He was "attacking crime and public corruption" according to his new campaign advertisement, evidently you're to think 'Law and Order' rather than a politically connected neophyte lawyer prosecuting low level Federal crimes. Moonshine, an escaped bank robber, and two sheriffs accused of complicity in moonshining, and a couple counterfeiters doesn't quite qualify as "prosecuting most of the major federal crimes in middle Tennessee -- most of the major ones." But one has to expect a little, um, spin. Kind of like a red pickup used only for campaign events to demonstrate 'plain folks' connection.

Fraud in the pursuit of higher office has become a norm, we wonder why voters and non-voters seem so disconnected from the process. Acting on TV as a tough DA is quite possibly a recommendation for an acting job but has little to do with being President other than making a speeches. Being normal appearing during the reading of a teleprompter is moderately useful, but compared to deciding whether to quit reading about a goat during an emergency is a different thing - life can get stressful at the top. There is no script written out for Presidents - excepting perhaps George II - it is not a screenplay with a predetermined end, it is uncomfortably real. I don't much care for the politics of most of that bunch, but it is a near tie between Mitt and Fred for biggest perpetration of fraud. Wouldn't you think George W Bush would've taught these people something?


Steve Culley said...

Naw, Rudy is the biggest perpetrator of fraud, a proabortion, gun banning, wide open borders republican. He's Hillary with a penis and the republicans are falling for it. If they nominate this guy I'm thinking about voting for Hillary out of spite, then I'll have to join a miltia group.

Chuck Butcher said...

Yeah, but Rudy doesn't pretend to be something else. I agree, that authoritarian thug is flat scary, but so is the Hil

Marye said...

Interesting reading, your blog. thanks.