Friday, October 19, 2007

Craig Watson's Nova

"This was from my (Craig Watson) first pass last weekend, I had to pedal it back down to keep it off the bumper and it went through the traps at 5.81@121.4"
A little info for those out of this particular loop, this is a 1/8 mile run and it is on 8.5 inch tires. Craig is from Kentucky and a correspondent of mine from a Nova listserve. I've watched this car move through many iterations and recovery from a meeting with a wall. No, you're not going to go for groceries with this particular automobile, but in a quarter mile you'd be in the upper 8 second range at 150+ mile per hour.
Thought I'd better live up to my statement that fast cars get in this blog ...
I have another correspondent - Dat - who needs to send me a picture for publication, you there?

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