Saturday, October 06, 2007

GOP RoadKill

" To me, with that star as the elephant's eye, the odd posture, and the stripes, nay, tire marks across its back, it looks like the GOP got run over by a truck and killed." - Wheels - Blue Oregon


Steve Culley said...

Pretty humorous description of the logo. I think the position of the tail could symbolize the Republicans screwing themselves by nominating Rudy. They really could be dead meat this election but they will be reincarnated by the democratic machine. The trade deals that are killing America will continue and George Bush's comprehensive amnesty bill that legalizes an invasion by millions of "undocumented" illegal aliens will be the first order of business, right after Hillary kills the second amendment. George got the other nine. It's somebody like Ron Paul or nobody wins.

Chuck Butcher said...

I take no credit for more than liking "wheels" comment on BO.