Friday, October 19, 2007

Ballot Confusion or Obfuscation

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By Doug Troutman

Cattlemen who pay $1.35 for a cow and calf to graze a month on public land support privatization so they pay a private land owner around $11 for the cow PLUS $11 for the calf? As we run out of crop lands, that are converted to condos, it is time to ask, "Where will our food/fiber come from?" Right; China!
Building houses in forest lands is leading to outrageous increases in firefighting costs, and loss of habitat for wildlife, so where is the benefit to hunters?

Measure 37 was a greedy measure by developers, not individuals, to devastate productive forest and farmlands for a quick buck. Measure 49 reduces the damage from Measure 37 that does NOT do what voters were told, OR protect air, water, and future critical land use.
Measure 50 will ACTUALLY make tobacco users pay for implementing "Senate Bill 3", a long document that; while it DOES provide some health care, also contains some VERY "interesting" details. I support health care for all, but a counter-intuitive measure intended to STOP the very revenue source supporting the program? Duh!

We should ALSO be taxing alcohol, sodas, and greasy burgers that make people obese, a far more deadly and increasing health risk than tobacco. We could also ban cell phone use by drivers running over kids in crosswalks, but since when have the voters REALLY put initiatives on an Oregon ballot that represent forethought??

Ignore ALL the ads! READ the measures and the documentation of what they REALLY do!

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Anonymous said...

FYI in 1983 all land outside the UGB was re zoned. Acreage residential land turned into forest land, even though there were no trees. Land that was and still is so poor no one farmed it was re zone EFU many with supposed high value soils.

I have read 49. It's worse than pre 37. NO on 49.

Yeah, and 50... I've been forced to give enough to this state and those who think like you. No I don't smoke, but I can see the writing on the wall. No on 50

This vote cycle is a waste of taxpayer money and offends me greatly!