Monday, October 08, 2007

Getting High In Baker City

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Legally high, if not smart. The poles are 32 feet long and yes there is 2 feet extending past the eave. Oh yeah, I know how to have fun...and even get paid a little something for it. We'll paint our way back down. Some of the lower trim has already been sprayed on the way up...I never had any desire to be a house painter - I still don't.


Steve Culley said...

The "Oregon Way" build up not out has come to Baker County. mIllion of empty acers just outside of town and the locals are confined to an urban growth boundary. Lokks like we are starting the transition to a Portland, big house, no yard, kids inside playing xbox.

Chuck Butcher said...

Well, in this case a historical property was saved first and then this was added as a residence to enhance the property. The existing building was a disaster previous to current owners' renovations. Children grown and gone and they're actually moving into town proper.

It is not what I'd want for myself, but then my 1870s Victorian isn't what plenty of people would want either.

I'm in the business of building what people want, providing it passes code, or exceeds. There are some nice features to this house and it is very low maintainence, for people who travel.

Jeff Alworth said...

That's a lotta house.

Chuck Butcher said...

It really isn't as big as it looks, about 2100 sq ft of living, the garage, entire first floor, is big, 1200 sq ft. Its features and view set it apart, it has been a pretty tough job.