Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bush Relevance

With 14 months left as an Administration polling 24% George II asserted his relevance. Now, he has a certain point, he can veto, he can shred the Constitution a bit more, he can drop bombs on some other country, he can declare some more citizens enemy combatant and disappear them. He can keep troops in Iraq until the military is broken and engage in more falsehoods, so yes, he is indeed relevant.

Except in any reasoned discourse regarding this nation's domestic and international conduct with its own citizens. He flatly states that Democrats are not doing Congressional work, seemingly ignorant of Republican filibusters and his own vetoes. New Orleans is still a wreck, the bottom half of the income scale is sliding toward disaster (never mind SCHIP), and for some reason some telecoms require retroactive immunity to ensure national security, when a major one refused to break their customers confidence. Somehow it is now relevant to prevent World War Three by tossing threats at Iran and ticking off Russia while talking to North Korea. Now faced with a dilemma of worst threats to global peace, I think I'd choose a sawed off lunatic from N Korea over a two bit theocratic thug front man for ayatollahs. Maybe religion does play into BushCo politics.

If the President of the United States was truly relevant to a national dialogue all the Republican primary candidates would be dragging him out into the limelight. The BushCo would be front and center, the Republican way would be the entire point. It would be, "Our President stands for..." until your ears bled and instead the silence is deafening.

Yes, George II is relevant, as an obstructionist, a war monger, a fear monger, and as a symptom of the blow back to power grabs. We'll probably be having a dialogue about the fallout from this toxic administration for decades to come - and I've been sick of hearing about him for over six years already.


dartagnan said...

Speaking of SCHIP, I just heard that the House has upheld Smirky McChimp's veto. I can't rejoice over the fact that millions of kids are not going to get needed health care. OTOH the RepubliCONs have just tied another anchor around their own necks in next year's elections, and that's some comfort.

Chuck Butcher said...

I don't know that SCHIP was the greatest thing since sliced bread. I'm getting a little tired of governments looking to sin taxes to finance things that are the responsibility of the public at large. But far be it for George II to make any reasoned argument against it, him or his enablers. The reality probably is that while there might be arguments to be made, the ones that occur to these jerks all have to do with socialism and privilege.