Sunday, October 21, 2007

Party Here, Sacrifice Over There

is the title of a NYT Op-Ed by Will Bardenwerper who got to Iraq January '06, I'll quote one short passage, you go there to read it, it deserves reading:

Serious problems with the war in Iraq are well chronicled, but I am struck by one that does not seem to trouble the country’s leadership, even though it is profoundly corrosive to our common good: the disparity between the lives of the few who are fighting and being killed, and the many who have been asked for nothing more than to continue shopping.
He asks some questions that need answering, I don't think they'll get answered until more of us ask them, whether vets or otherwise.


Steve Culley said...

I know a lot of Viet Nam vets and sometimes have coffee with a marine veteran of the Chosin Reservoir. Most seem to be against the war, thinking it's been screwed up from the start but for some reason they just don't voice a public opinion.
I read the New York Times opinion by looking it up. I couldn't get it to load from the link. I noticed 40 years ago when I came back from Viet Nam that those who had already gotten good news on the draft lottery seemed to ignore the war then too.

Chuck Butcher said...

Link is repaired.