Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Out Behind Pine Creek

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Out behind Pine Creek Reservoir is some really pretty country, but...

this is no place to take your car, or your boulevard cruiser, you'll need tough tires and something with four wheel drive. Going up can be a chore, there are a lot of rocks, well, since the runoff has taken care of the dirt in places, all rocks, but coming down you may find that a manual transmission is called for. If you were to find yourself needing to put on the brakes, you'd also find yourself needing something else to stop you, kind of like ball bearings under the tires.
The K5 in the picture is stopped where it could stop, you see the roof even though the photographer is standing in a hole. This is actually one of the better pieces of grade, it is a spot where it could stay stopped. Down hilling was accomplished with the transfer case in 4 low in granny 1st gear - top speed in that configuration is about 10 miles per hour at 5500 rpm, at idle as it was in some of the downgrades you could pass it crawling on your hands and knees. No, there is no cell service. The picture would be a bit more impressive shot from the side, that, however, would involve someplace to stand at the side.
The two track road in here is about 10 minutes from my house, that has nothing to with getting here, but it is why I love living out here. I know all about shopping opportunity short falls and having to travel a minimum of 150 miles to see a concert with a big name band and having one movie theatre, I trade all that for this.


Steve Culley said...

Last time I was up there I got snake bit, the skeeters were terrible, got west nile, the chiggers ate me alive and local boys with their assualt rifles were shooting all the chipmunks.

Chuck Butcher said...

It was real quiet last Sunday.