Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Romney Tape Means?

I know a whole lot of the few folks who read my scribblings feel like the 47% moochers theme of the r-Money tape will sink his campaign.  I disagree, as thoroughly offensive as I find the comments.  It has been noted a lot of places that the insult contains a bunch of r-Money's base, which will mean spit for the same reasons that the tape will mean spit.

The SS/FICA moocher seniors know Mittens wasn't talking about them since they paid into that fund.  The redneck foodstamp and unemployment moochers throughout the South know damn good and well that it is the fault of the black guy in their White House that they're on "the dole" and besides... GOD.  What they all know is that Mittens is talking about those others, shiftless blacks and other browns and the white trash that don't... well GOD.

I'm sorry to be a downer, but if you think this will do much of anything you fail to understand the level of xenophobia and lack of empathy within the electorate. Given any excuse these folks will excuse themselves and blame someone else.  They know damn good and well that r-Money is nothing like them, that he is totally disconnected from their experience and that means nothing.  They are dimly aware that he is proposing a redistribution scheme for his class and not theirs and... SOCIALISM. 

The fight is for the six or seven percent of Undecideds.  You have to stop and think about what exactly it is that makes them undecided.  If you think that is the result of considered evaluation of the policies of the competing candidates... well hell, huh?  You know as well as I do that they haven't been paying attention to any of this and they aren't going to delve deeply into it in the next 6 weeks.  They'll finally decide on the basis of some buzz word ads and feelings if they haven't already actually made up their minds and just didn't say so.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but we are exactly where we are economically because the electorate is an idiot.  I'm not running for anything and I'm not campaigning for anyone so I can insult the electorate just like that by telling the truth about them.  I know... you're reading this so you're not an idiot - you're sufficiently outnumbered to be immaterial.  You don't want to be outnumbered?  I don't know what to tell you, the deck is pretty heavily stacked against curing that.

Maybe it's not hopeless, go ahead and tell me an idea or two...  Yes, really.  


Nick Istre said...

Living down here in South Louisiana, well, I can't argue against the Romney tapes not mattering. Heck, in a conversation with the fiancee's family, I had put out the fact that the nearby university was the first all-white college in the deep south to racially desegregate, and without missing a beat, her stepfather quips "Oh, so THAT's where the school messed up!", with my fiancee hiding her disgusted face from them.

So, yeah, I am so ready to get out of here. I'm favoring Canada as a first step, which may happen when the fiancee graduates with her Bachelors at the above linked school and she is accepted in the graduate program that she could only find in universities up north that are anywhere in her desired degree field specialization. And maybe I'll be paid better as a computer programmer up there too, and have medical coverage to boot.

Just Some Fuckhead said...

I think it's the right level of cynicism, Chuck, but there's a small percentage who may not vote at all now because of Romney's comments, and there's an even smaller percentage who may actually follow through on their threat to vote for one of the "real conservatives" running third party. Is it a slam dunk? Of course not, but it's the thousandth cut in a death by a thousand cuts.

Chuck Butcher said...

I'm not ready to bail out of the country, but damn - the stupid, it burns.