Friday, September 14, 2012

Chuck For... In Chaos

I don't propose that any of you readers are supposed to give a damn about this but I thought I'd share some background so you'd get some kind of feeling for why this site has gotten into the state it's been in for awhile.  Essentially I, the scribbler at this little endeavor, am surrounded by and engaging in chaos.

Here's the deal, the little economic dip we've been mucking around in finally took out my contracting business.  I spent a couple years subsidizing the thing but last fall ran out of resources to keep it.  So, out of resources and not having any luck getting hired to do anything meant some stuff had to go.  Yeah, some guns, some cars, some tools - stuff that had held value but didn't return what it should went.

My marriage finally finished dying, the amicable split was a mercy killing.  That also meant that something like the house I'd rebuilt and built was going to have to go and have to go in a market that... well, sucks.  It went on the market priced to sell, in a market with an average of 200 days on sale, and has sold - short of closing being done.  My wife has moved several hundred miles away, taking most of what she wanted and could manage, so I've been here alone waiting for a sale and now looking at how I'm going to pack up a place I've lived in for 22 years.  Closing is supposed to be Oct 1.

My father died at 85 a bit over a week ago and my mother is also 85 and living in N MI without my sister or I within nearer than 2 hours (me a lot more).  Given that and the realities of trying to make a living here in my home with the business gone and my house gone - I'll be moving to N MI.  This means I leave a climate and country-side that I love and my close friends for somewhere pretty far away.  That stings more than a little.

OK, that's enough to give you some idea, it isn't all of it - by any means, but there you go.  No, I don't need any sympathy, it's just how things go and I'm dealing with it (a little unevenly at times).  I've been thinking over time about shutting this blog down.  Unless I blogwhore it someplace like BalloonJuice there are no more than a few readers - that is a decision in flux.  There is a lot that I have to see about, so...


Mammy said...

I know this is a very hard time for you. 3 ads in paper tonight for Roofing Installers, another for carpenter with 10years experience and another for an experienced rough carpenter. I Need to call and see where location is. Sounds encouraging at least.

Carl Fisher said...

Give'em hell Chuck, wherever you end up and whatever you end up doing.

LanceThruster said...

These days, I find my worries and fears sit just off the horizon like a gathering storm.

I am an atheist who constantly has the mariner's prayer running through my head ("Lord, the ocean is so vast and my boat so small.").

I feel like a cork upon the swells. I take comfort in the Alan Watts notion of life/existence is like being in freefall, and a panicked clawing at the air serves no purpose.

Please continue to contribute wherever you see fit, Chuck, as you are a wonderfully refreshing voice from the wilderness. Sorry about your unplanned life changes. I hope they'll pan out in pleasant and unexpected ways.