Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mitt Ain't Like Most Of Us - Fortunately

Mitt leaves the podium after speaking about the Consulate killings in Benghazi

I'd say there is something wrong with the expression on the face of a man who'd just finished lying about the deaths of Americans in the service of their country - whatever political advantage he figured he'd just gotten over... that black guy in his White House.  I've read all sorts of reactions that involve all kinds of pyscho-babble trying to establish just what kind of... asshole he is.

I've said it before and I'll repeat myself - The Deal is all that counts; truth, honor, and decency toward your fellows are immaterial in service to The Deal.  You little people don't get it - YOU DO NOT COUNT, you are simply the capital to be accrued and spent in service to the ends of The Deal.  There is no need for complicated analysis of the man's psyche - he figures he's a shark in a pool of minnows that don't even qualify as bait.  Anne supposedly asked him if he could save the nation - no such thing is going on; this is the BIG DEAL.  He's made more money than Daddy, he's made and broken more companies than Daddy, now he wants the big prize that Daddy couldn't get (and Daddy couldn't get it because he counted those things called truth, honor, and decency).  r-Money learned the lesson and the rest of us may just get to find out what that means if he can play enough marked cards.

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