Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh Fer God's Sake... or something

It seems that Rev Wright isn't around this time, so...

I'll be go to hell if anyone with any sense thinks this is going to make any sense. Now while I might take offense to the ideas that this is a "Nation Under God" when it clearly is under something entirely different and I'm real sure the my money doesn't "In God We Trust" but rather is subject to the whims of greed-headed sub-one-percenters; I know way better than to think that Pres Obama doesn't understand that there is a Religious Test for election and that he would do something to offend that Test.

Mormon Mittens is scared he'll have trouble with the Fundies and their view of his cult as a anti-Christian cult. Of course it is a cult, observe its behaviors regarding those who dissent and its actions to keep the observant in the fold. Now you could certainly argue that it isn't greatly different from Catholicism and I'd be pretty hard put to refute such a thing. But then you have to remember that I'm pretty much an equal offender in my dismissal of all those exclusive clubs called religions. I'm happy if they do something positive in your life, I just really hope you'll leave me out of your agenda and let me try to be good in my own way.

Now, if you'd like to make a case that the Religious Test doesn't exist, I'd like your estimation of exactly when an atheist, agnostic, Jew, or Muslim will get elected President (assuming you don't buy that Obama is actually an undercover... whatever). Is this a good way to chose an elected leader - I'd say no. I'd say a truthful candidate with a demonstrated interest in the general population's welfare and protection of the minority trumps whatever religion or lack there of.

A religion or lack of one is no guarantee of any course of behavior.  Despite the assertions of any one of the exclusive clubs, membership is not determinative of behavior.  Liars, cheats, and thieves have belonged to all facets of regard toward religion and, in fact, have often used their orientation as cover for their behaviors.  Well, hell - Mittens has been lying like a rug on certain matters for some time now and here he is covering himself with GOD.  The theocratic will assert that you cannot manage "goodness" without their version - what I've found it that the lack of their versions removes the cover of some Book for their hate and disdain for "the other."

I didn't think that after the first months of the Primary it would be possible for me to have less regard for Mitt - I was wrong. 

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