Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mitt Is Not Winning?

How the hell is it that r-Money is not winning?  No, really.  This economy absolutely sucks and has sucked for the entire Obama Administration, not sort of - badly.  Yeah, less badly now than in early '08 but it is a bit like the difference between hitting yourself in the head with a sledgehammer and a ball bat.  Afghanistan drags on and on badly and... crickets.  Not one thing has been done about the abuse by the 1%ers much less the 0.1%ers and the Big Casino called Wall Street and the Banksters keeps ticking right along doing what they were doing that landed us here.  The Middle East is as queer as it ever has been and just as damned messy.  I can sit here and go on and on and on* and Mittens is losing.

The GOP couldn't have asked for a much better set up to kick an incumbent President to the curb, take the Senate and consolidate their handle on the House.  And it is all going awry.  Nate Silver has r-Money at 18.1% chance of winning in Nov - not right now, then.  The control of the Senate not only looks damned unlikely but as though the Democrats might gain.  House seats look to be going away, maybe not enough to swing it... but oops.  Why, oh why, oh why?  2010...

The problems for r-Money are one, charisma is not a word you use in any relationship to his name and two, he's a GOPer.  Just not being Obama isn't quite enough with more people than it takes to win (how that for awkward?).  The GOPer part isn't about not being a Democrat, it is about what it took to win the GOP Primary and then keep them.  That mess means endless lies and mouthing stupidities and some people catch on after awhile.  Once you get past Party tribalism and racism as locking mechanisms there are people who decide on some other basis.

2010 is the basis of a lot of the mistakes the GOP is making.  They've gotten the idea that the election meant that their stuff was really appealing to more people than it is.  It isn't that the GOP business friendliness has turned into anathema or even that god, guns, and gays can't work but damn - they've thrown the sluts (otherwise known as women) on to the mix, made sure the Hispanics are insulted, and made fire sirens out of dog whistle racism.  Whatever there is about the 47% statement, people are just not buying into the idea that tax breaks for wealth is a good idea, in point of fact most think raising taxes on wealth is a good idea so when the obvious rich guy makes the other case central to his cause...  The thing about god, guns, and gays isn't that it doesn't work at all, but there comes a limit to the volume and the derision that previous buyers can't swallow - whatever changing demographics are.  Guns fall apart a bit in the face of a complete lack of offense by the Admin, on the God front the headliner GOPer is a real argument for religious tolerance of something that at least sort of resembles Christianity.  People might have a bit of a problem with listening to a Mormon lecture them on "traditional marriage" - it isn't as though Mormon polygamy is a big secret or a slightly known fact.  Then there is the little issue of Obama-care not turning into the Apocalypse.

2010 is a piss poor model to use in this Presidential Election, it isn't a low turnout mid-term with a bunch of spineless Democrats busily running away from their own damn Bills and trying to be GOPer-lite.  I'm not trying to give Democrats credit for backbone, but they are fighting back this time... and maybe the most spineless are already gone.

I'd say that if r-Money were running as a 'near' Obama he could be winning but then if he were running as a near-Obama he wouldn't be running in the GOP of today.  There is always, that.

*what has actually been done or left undone and the stupidity of Congress is not germane to a discussion of voter attitude

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