Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mitt Should Have Waited... Huh?

Lately I've been hearing or reading that Mitt's mistake was not waiting and getting accurate information.  I'm afraid such an idea assumes things not at all in evidence.  The idea seems to be that Mitt wouldn't have said things about apologies and weakness in the face of no apology and death.

The lack of information seems to be the crux of the argument and the whole thing falls apart in the face of previous Mitt behaviors.  Starting a ways back there is no tape, transcript, or verifiable instance of the President apologizing for the US.  The bust of Churchill is still in the White House - easily verified.  The "when" plants closed is a matter of public record.  The HHS guidelines for Welfare to Work waivers were available to anyone.  The details of the Medicare savings were right in front of any one's nose who cared to look.  The employment numbers and economic metrics for the last five years are quite handy.  The point is that in these and other instances all the information is readily available and has been for an extended period and yet Mitt hasn't managed to include the truth.

It should be pretty clear that he'll say whatever the hell he thinks will be to his advantage at any given moment, despite truth or costs to the nation.  Considering the low bar of my lack of respect for this guy that he'd have to try really hard to lower it - damned if he isn't managing it... 

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