Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Romney And God And Lies?

For someone who doesn't claim any religion and is pretty darn sure no religion would claim him; I know a bit about the various Gods.  One of the things that is pretty clear about all of them is that they don't like lies or the lying liars that tell them - there is some debate about whether non-adherents deserve equal treatment under their God.  Mr r-Money and his campaign and the GOPers make a really big deal about being all Godly.  I'm perfectly willing to let them claim their variants on Gods and leave it go... assuming they let me do so.

I'm pretty sure that all these claimants to Christianity are aware that their God doesn't make exceptions for exigencies like campaign polling deficits.  Now the fact that I don't like liars a bit has nothing to do with a God, it has a lot to do with their inclusion in a list of liars, cheats, and thieves and that liars are generally engaging in the rest of the lists actions.  I don't claim to know why Gods don't like lying but they don't.  r-Money doesn't seem to much care about those Gods opinions regarding lying and today is another example when the Egyptian Embassy did NOT apologize to its attackers.

Hey God, the President did not apologize to attackers, he did not loosen welfare work requirements, he did not raise your taxes, he does not want to take you off our coins, or several other things Your Candidate has said.  How about you do some of that smiting?  No shit, if you're all concerned about what's going on in this nation maybe you ought to get with the program like the GOPers insist you will.  I'm not suggesting lightning bolts are necessary, how about a bad rash or maybe an uncontrollable gag reflex upon lying?

OK, how about I just quit snarking and get to the point?  You r-Money supporting theocracy fluffers are total and complete hypocritical pieces of... stuff.   There's not much I can say to most of the rest of the r-Money bunch since they don't claim all that Godly stuff other than they're idiots or mean natured bigoted sons a bitches... oh hell, why am I being so nice?


Anonymous said...

That about says it all.

Chuck Butcher said...

Oh I'm sure I've only touched an edge.