Monday, September 24, 2012

Saving President Mitt

Well now, the GOPer punditocracy has been a bit rough on r-Money for about a week and change continuing on this week.  The stuff got to be enough that Mrs r-Money was reduced to snapping, "Stop it!"  The difficulty for Team Mitt is that, "Stop it," didn't do the job and it continues on.  Ayn Ryan complained that Conservative Pundits (GOPers) do that, complain about imperfections.  A late poll shows a bunch of swing states with the President at 50+/-% and r-Money at mid-forties which might qualify as a real imperfection.

I've heard all kinds of prescriptions for Team R/R, from unleashing Ayn, to R/R "Going Rogue," to not pretending to be human and going with the CEO persona and even to putting out detailed plans. (OMG, Mitt just referred to himself as St Ronnie)  All the 'scripts seem to revolve around salesmanship by either the professionals or the candidates.  It doesn't seem to dawn on the GOPer Punditry that maybe, just goddam maybe the problem isn't so much with which version of r-Moneybot they tool up it won't sell their shit to people who've just stopped buying or never did.  It isn't that the GOP has been a big secret, the secret has been just how much they believed their stuff.  They don't have to worry about the votes of the Obama-haters but the ones who aren't exactly satisfied with Obama want some place to go and batshit crazy doesn't exactly appeal to them.  (It does begin to look as though a big chunk of r-Money support dislikes Obama but doesn't like r-Money)

How about this, you want to save the election for Mitt maybe you ought to let him run on something other than the GOP Ticket.  Maybe the whole problem is the GOP.  God knows r-Money has all the charisma of a paper bag but even St Ronnie wasn't trying to peddle this crap while he was dog-whistling his way to Sainthood.  The Sainted RR was actually bringing something new to the table and now it is old and worn and... failed.  We've had the ongoing efforts of building on Reaganism and the outcomes so they're starting much farther along than St Ronnie talked about (despite where he wanted to go) and St Ronnie never asserted that his version of looting would end in the 07/8 debacle. (S&L lays there... rotting stinking corpse of a warning)

I suppose the r-Moneybot V 0.(whatever) that ran for Gov MA might have a chance, but if he could run as a GOPer that would probably mean we would have a President he's running against that does actual progressive things... ummm, back to the actual nation.

See ya around


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