Saturday, December 20, 2008

You Keep Coming Around

Some people seem to like this site and keep coming around so I write stuff for you. As a side thought I include myself into a syndicator feed - Blogburst that seems to pick me up. Getting a post into a newspaper article footer doesn't drive huge readership here but it does stroke my ego a bit. The posts are generally picked up a day or more (sometimes much more) later and run for awhile. Reuters and Chicago Sun-Times seem to pick me up most.

You get my stuff first and while that's not necessarily a real big deal I thought I'd link you to what happened with 12/20:
I'm not trying to brag myself up, just letting you know that you have company beyond the handful of others who come in also. Postings are chosen by editors and if you've watched blogging at all you'll note that by far the most crowded category of blog is political so there are a whole lot of poliblogs to be picked from. For 12/20 "Chuck for..." put three up.

Folks, there are "A" list blogs like HuffPo and there are "B" list blogs like BalloonJuice and then there are a whole lot of blogs before you get to the "P" (well maybe a bit farther along the alphabet) listers like this place. I don't frequent the "A"s beyond HuffPo and in the "B"s there are a couple I've noted to you over time, mostly I hang out with blogs that are nearly equivalents to this one. I've encouraged you to also, because those reliable readers help make this worthwhile. Sometimes, and it really varies, getting stuff up on newspapers happens and that is an ego stroke for an amateur writer.

Have no fear, I'm not going to run off and make a living writing, I'd have to be good at it in the first place and want to in the second. But, gol-darn-it, you few aren't the only ones who like some of my stuff so you're not so odd after all.

Thanks for keeping this thing going,

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