Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Rotten Snow Plow

When your oil pan is plowing a groove between the tire tracks, you've probably asked an awful lot of your car. The 04SSR is parked, without studded snows it is helpless and buying wheels that will fit it along with snows is way more money than has been floating around the last couple years.

The upshot of those budgetary considerations is a 400+HP premium burning beast out in the snow. It copes. Without a high stall torque converter and posi-traction it would be unmanagable. My wife used it for four years all year around but there have been other vehicles in between so she's trying to get used to it - again.
The pictures are a bit deceiving, the car is sitting on packed snow tracks in the alley behind my house. The car's home is the steep roofed building ahead of the car in the lower picture. There's quite a bit more snow due and I don't much care for the idea of shoveling the entire alley.
Life in NE OR

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