Tuesday, December 30, 2008

How To Be F(p)ailin' Upward

The consequences of not being able to keep your pants on and failing at Palin abstinence can result in being under 18, pregnant, out of school, with a non-graduate fiance with no job prospects and, holy shit, a $3000,000 windfall for baby pictures. There's a role model for teens everywhere, a Mom who can't get elected VP because she can't interview and is a Republican, get knocked up and splashed all over TV and get paid big bucks for something as inconsequential as your damn baby pictures. There's an incitement to responsible behavior.

Teen pregnancies aren't a tragedy, but they pose really dire consequences for both parties and the outcome isn't generally good. Education has real economic bearing and responsibility is one of the determinants of decent parenthood. Seems Bristol and Levi have demonstrated their responsibility already. So the outcome of stupid behavior is to be celebrities with celebrity payoff? OK, whatever...

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