Sunday, December 21, 2008

Everybody Has Favorite Things

Everybody has their favorite things in life; Gus has four. The other day I showed one, his doggy snack dog biscuit. Here are two more, the bearded guy and the white stuff. The fourth is getting in the work truck to go to work with bearded guy. Sometimes the work truck involves all of those things, this time of year if there is work it probably involves snow and a stop at the convenience store drive through, the bank drive through, or the gas station involve dog biscuits.

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Play is not something that figures large in Gus' life, he has one thing he considers a toy - a smashed 12oz dishsoap plastic bottle. Four years running it's smashed and tooth marked but intact. It gets pounced on, skidded around, carried and tossed. Catch and fetch are totally foreign to him and any other toy is of no interest. Snow is the one other "toy", it is for skidding around in, diving in, eating, rolling, and generally happiness. He eats a lot of snow.

Gus never looks small, not even solo in a photo, but to appreciate his size check the upper photo, I'm 5-10, 145 lb. That photo is posed, you cannot encourage him to take that stance, it involves taking hold of his legs and lifting him. Gus is polite, in the extreme. He does not get on furniture -ever, he watches me eat - from a respectable distance, and he does not jump on people.

Oh yeah, Gus is one of my favorite things in life.


keeneye said...

That dog is a beast! I can't imagine how much food he must eat a day. He definitely out-weighs you by double.

ThePoliticalCat said...

keeneye, I was just about to say something sim'lar. That is one HUGE dog. I can see why he's one of your favourite things. Magnificent beast, and a kindly heart under all that fur. (Not jumping on smaller critters like yourself, and all that, ;).

Phil said...

It's easy to see why Gus is one of your favorite things, Chuck. He's a beautiful animal.

Oh, yeah, the last time I saw my x-acto knife was at a residence on 10th Street, in the vicinity of the tire store and the vet.

Chuck Butcher said...

Gus a bit over 150# and lots of hair.

Hmmm, I'm sure I know where that is Phil, but...