Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Comments Box

***Update - This will stay near the top for awhile***

One reason the comments box exists on my page is so that you can tell me how wonderful I am...ok, really it's there to allow for expanding the discussion and refining the thinking. There is another function of it, it allows my cadre of readers to get acquainted with each other. This is in a certain sense a family, not a nation or even city, not at this readership level.

You don't have to think very hard about it to recognize that your arrivals here mean a shared interest and view with others who click in. You ought to get to know each other. I offer this post right here for that purpose, you needn't feel like I'm asking for identifiable information, why you come in, who you are - in that sense, and a general location. Have some fun with it - it is, after all, a feature provided for you.

You folks do realize that it takes some real effort to put this thing up and a good chunk of that effort is aimed at pleasing you, not just my egotism. To be sure, there is an element of egotism involved in believing my thinking on these subjects is worthy of someone else attention, but then I put right in the heading that I thought I was capable of representing people in DC, so I haven't hidden the ego. I tossed the Bullshit Rules from the comments box, I figure you're adults and if it goes into a sewer I have delete button.

You know who I am and since Zak Johnson and I have a companion blog - Bluesteel Democrats - you have an idea who he is. I know a couple of you from other blogs and emails but the rest of this 'family' doesn't. I'm not sure what it is about this blog that brings in the cadre of dedicated readers, but it seems to be fairly specific judging from the numbers and inlinks.

Anyhow, have fun.


Hart Williams said...

"One reason the comments box exists on my page is so that you can tell me how wonderful I am."

Yes, Chuck. You are wonderful.

Hope that doesn't sound too gay.

This is, after all, Orygun.

Chuck Butcher said...

So, Hart-
That means big sloppy kisses are out?

Hart, despite his modesty, is author of "His Vorpal Sword" found on the side bar links as well as a professional in the writing game. The hallmark of Hart's stuff is extensive research and good writing.

Carla said...

Coughing it up...Chuck.

I think you're aces even without the gratuitous and shameless ask for compliments.

Kindred spirtually yours,

Chuck Butcher said...

You can read this pretty lady at Blue Oregon, side bar.
Carla does commentary but she breaks sizable news stories as well.

realbtl said...

Well hell chuck, you seem to be soliciting bio info so I'll bite. I'm an almost 60 drug and alcohol prevention specialist/mental health therapist here in nw Montana, 18 yrs. c & s, 2nd (or about 24th, depending how you count) career after retiring from Lawrence Livermore Labs in '98. I'm a long-time politics junkie and got to this blog from John Cole's. I believe you and I see things reasonably similar, and I'm glad you've got this spot. It's always entertaining. Let me know if you want some Montana info, I may be able to help
ps- the "realbtl" is the plate on my '63 ragtop, 130k orig. miles w/a NY World's Fair sticker still legible on the dash from some previous owner.

Chuck Butcher said...

Never start off joking around with this crowd, they're shy enough anyhow - I don't know why I did it...

Can you stay warm in that car in MT winters? I hitch-hiked a ride across the Machinaw Straits Bridge in one at the end of a Dec, I was warmer standing on the side of the road.

18yr C&S is a deal, I'm 20+, so I have right to an opinion.

realbtl said...

Actually the beetle stays in the garage all winter. It's too cherry to risk the salt. Congrats on the 30.

crallspace said...

I discovered your blog, I think, through ignoregon.com, which is an attempt at reinstituting ORBLOGS. I am from Corvallis.

I occasionally come to read what you have to say-- I like it. I can also identify w/ a lack of comments. Feels lonely.

Take care. I have you linked at my site and will visit again.