Friday, December 19, 2008


Wayne Kinney came by the Baker County Democrats December meeting last night. So what? you say. Wayne is a man of many hats, not just the one he's wearing here. He is one of Senator Ron Wyden's Oregon Field Staffers, he is a DPO DNC Committeeman - six years now and re-elected, he is the Rules Committee Chair for DPO, and DPO meeting Parlimentarian. This is a smart and well informed man, if you get the opportunity to engage in some brain picking (see the thoughtful look?) you will gain. Thanks for coming by, Wayne.

Another face, Gus. He is engaging in one of his very most favorite things in the world, a doggy biscuit. It is his reward for eating his dinner. It is a huge deal, he can wait a half hour after dinner and still expect it. Yes, a half hour after eating he knows he has not yet had his snack. The object of his affection here - a one and a half inch long Milkbone Dogbone. It is not as long as my thumb. He will not allow his lips to touch fingers when taking any treat. This is a very large deal in his life, I'm not sure how he can tell he's got that bitty thing in that maw.
Why are a politician and a big dawg on the same post? I dunno, they were both in my camera and I guess I'm just lazy. The poor dog watched me carry that bone around while I went to get the camera, that upped the ante quite a bit with the anticipation factor going on. I don't know if you can quite tell, but I could fit both hands in that mouth at once.

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