Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Don't Know What It Is About

I honestly don't know what the aim of this blog is, but The Phil Nugent Experience is outstanding writing. You may think you're reading a film review, but you're not and you'll be rewarded for your time. Or you'll think you're reading...

I'd like to give you a more coherent review, and I can't. Not because the site is confusing, but I don't think its theme is exactly self-evident and I'd rather not send preconceived notions that way.

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Phil Nugent said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I wish that I could say that my blog has a purpose, but it's really just a dumping ground for whatever I'm thinking about on those days when I have time to post something. Given the kinds of things I think about, there tends to be a lot there about politics--not so much these last couple of weeks, if only because I'm waiting to give Obama a chance to really disappoint me--plus a lot about movies, whatever I've been reading, watching or listening to, and a fair amount of autobiography, along with some stuff that's harder to classify--and, of course, these things will sometimes overlap, often to my surprise.

Anyway, thanks again. Nice place you've got here, I see.