Saturday, December 27, 2008

More Snow Fun

Well, the snow finally caught up with us. One of the nice things about my house is that there is an alley behind it and that is where I put the garage. It is nice to not have a driveway cutting the front yard up and it gives me a place to load and unload the work truck. There is a drawback. When it becomes impassible with snow there is over 400 feet of it that is impassible.

I don't own a snow blower. Baker City doesn't get enough snow for me to find one more than a convenience most years. There are years when one would be a bit more than a convenience, like this one. I've been using the 4x4 work truck to keep tire ruts beaten into it but once the car body is sitting on snow, that's done. In past years when I've had money, I just rented a 4x4 backhoe for a couple hours and cleared it and the neighbor's drives. This year a snow shovel was the affordable tool.

A six foot privacy fence is ordinarily a nice thing to have between your yard and an alley. Such a thing becomes a bit of a nuisance when it is between where the snow needs to go and where it is.

I don't complain, I like having four distinct seasons and I can dress for cold. I have lived for a couple years where it rains in the winter and I didn't like it a bit. I pretty much live outdoors and snow is a much drier prospect than rain and just above freezing weather.

I took these pictures a few minutes after wrapping up the shoveling project, the fact that it is snowing steadily in these pictures is not exactly a welcome fact.


Today is Sunday and the temperature is very near 50F, yuck what a mess. Unless the temperature stays up for several days this will not be an improvement.

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