Friday, December 12, 2008

Union Busting Big Time

Senate Republicans killed the $14 billion Big 3 bailout Thursday night. Their demand was that the UAW meet the wages of non-union foreign shops and that the companies slash their debt by 2/3. Odd. It is even more odd that the outspoken critics represent states with foreign manufacturers who were give large subsidies to locate there.

I'm inclined to agree with Olberman's critique of whore-monger Vitter's comment about the plan being ass-backwards as sounding more like his description of services desired. This bunch of ideological corporate tools are bound to try to drive this country completely underwater. I will not defend the domestic automakers from accusations of short sightedness or even outright stupidity, but I will defend the union's wages and their efforts to make working in plants a better thing. I cannot think how these Republicans can now don the garb of fiscal prudence.

These complete morons have run a $10 billion per month war on the cuff for years to make us safe from an imaginary threat and the idea that 3 million jobs will go away in a matter of months over a couple dollars per hour makes sense? Things have gotten pretty tough right now and they propose to make it much much worse to prove, what exactly? That they still count?

Jumpin' Jayzus On A Broken Crutch, do they ever want to be elected to any damn thing ever again? Their darling State financed car companies are going to tank along with everybody else if this crap holds. With no credit and another 3 million unemployed a whole bunch of businesses unrelated to autos are going to cave for lack of paying customers and there go the customers for all those wonderful foreign cars. I'd like to come up with reasonable language to describe this other half of half-wittery but I can't.

I've watched the stock market and housing market go completely stupid with buying pressure without any enthusiasm and then I find out that the greed heads at investment banks leveraged the housing market to the tune of ten to one and my prospects for making a living hit a wall. Hard. It was going to be not good as the housing market in places completely unconnected to this one tanked, but the stock market and credit squeeze may do the job. If my reaction were only about me, it would be pretty damn selfish, but a whole lot of people who took safe jobs in relatively low ticket items are going to get whacked along with me and that is plain wrong. I've weathered housing problems before and I knew that my line of work was one that caught pneumonia if the economy sneezed and I've been nervous as a cat in a room full of coyotes for years. Well, the economy did a bit more than sneeze. I'm hanging by a very slender thread, we'll see how this goes.

Lifelong pols like Vitter, McConnell, and the rest haven't sweat or bled for living and find it just fine to pet their plutocratic pals on the head and subsidize their wealth and then blame us. If I thought those pricks would pay in a coin a bit more serious than not getting re-elected in a couple years I'd relax a bit. Not so, they'll walk away from crashing this country intact and having real good paying jobs with their pals. Be very sure that the ratbastards who crush you will prosper, in fact their plutocratic pals will have fire sale prices to pick from as they scavenge a busted country.

If you want to see the lie, the great stinking pile of dog-pooh that is their financial prudence see the chart in the preceding post. If you are willing to buy into their union busting rationale then you are stupider than they give you credit for. What they won't acknowledge is that those good paying foreign automaker wages are a direct result of union pressure and that without the union they'll take a dive. Those tax subsidized factories down south won't be worth a plugged nickle to the economy at $10 per hour. The agenda has to be clear enough, if you're so stupid as to make a living with your hands you don't deserve to breathe, you are flatly a waste of CorporateUSA oxygen. Our goddamned Senate just made that perfectly clear, this is exactly as big a fuck you as they could have stated. No, you don't get kissed, either.

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