Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Of The Favorites

I know, a lot of doggy pictures for political blog. The last of Gus' four favorite things, the work truck. He kind of shares the seat, he's not allowed to drive, though. This is a '78 K20 Chevy, with a gadzillion miles on it. 400 SBC w/TH400 tranny, fulltime4x4 ordinary running weight 7500 - 8000#. There's a fullly covered roll top utility bed back there and that is a 40' Class 1A ladder. I've driven this truck for 18 years and Gus has been riding for 4 years, both are well known around town.

Don't bother giving me crap about American iron, this truck is 30 years old, it's on it's third engine and second tranny, two 350s and one other TH400. The 400 SBC gets about the same milage on the open road as the 350s but can pull grades better, a little worse around town. Good milage for this thing is anytime it gets better than single digits.

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Tom Carter said...

I've always loved dogs, and Gus seems like a great one! Having said that, I've been living with a cat for some years now, and he's OK, too. I never thought I'd have a cat; I didn't like them much, and they didn't seem to like me. But, as is so often the case, there's a lady involved who adores cats, so I've got one. And, as cats go, he's quite a character.