Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The McCain Comedy Express Roars On

You have to appreciate the ... something ... of the McCain campaign. Out first was the vision of Obama as an elitist, you've seen the type, leaning against the wall at the country club making derisive've never been to a country club? Must have been a Republican reference. Then there was the lose a war for political America? Ok, so there is always the truly funny shots of a guy shooting baskets with the troops while castigating the guy for ignoring the troops, that one had me rolling on the floor. Obama as Moses was, well, odd. There was something to comparing him to Paris Hilton, her response was funnier and smarter than McCain, though Brittany seems to have missed her chance. Tire gauges are for, hmm, NASCAR and other people who care about gas mileage, people without millionaire wives - and private jets. The McCain campaign and McCain have said that it's fun to be funny, evidently that Obama guy is a joke to them. At this point the Electoral College map says the joke is on them.

I don't know that John McCain is a racist, I do know that his Party likes to play to the stereotypes and prejudices surrounding race. The Magic Negro who plays a comedic part in a situation comedy or can shoot baskets, catch balls or otherwise be a celebrity without pretending to affect our life is a good thing. Once one starts to get ideas, and becomes, well you know, uppity, he needs slapping down. Mocking a Presidential candidate can be risky business and humor is frequently in the eye of the beholder. I thought the Purple Heart Bandaides were pretty funny, until I discovered they weren't self-referential bites for faux troop support by Republicans. (ok, I'm not that stupid) Obama tire gauges might be real collectors items if Obama wins, pointless if McCain wins and none of us can afford things with tires.

I've heard McCain described as a happy warrior, whatever the heck that means, but his happiness seems to revolve around somebody else getting beaten somehow, or maybe raped by a gorilla. He does get pretty funny when he can't remember which sports team he lied to the N Vietnamese about, depending on the audience. Actually the real joke is that his ability to get shot down and captured has something to do with him knowing how to win wars and be President. If he gets elected the joke will be on the people who voted for him minus the top 1% of the income bracket, the rest of us will be the punch line.

I cannot feature how McCain can get reelected to George II's third term but underestimating the ability of the electorate to club itself in the head is a bad idea - see John Kerry. I'm working on seeing no such thing happens this time, and I don't mean internet scribbling, how about you?


ThePoliticalCat said...

Yup, I'm working on it. Great rant. Next one, too.

Chuck Butcher said...

Any time the Kitty says something nice about my stuff I am flattered. The link is on my sidebar as well as in the comment, go over and get some.