Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grant County Democrats - After All This Time

After many, many years there is a Grant County Democratic Party, DPO. Nancy Nickle is the Chair and the membership is enthusiastic and involved. Friday night's meeting - 3rd Friday of the month - was primarily aimed a planning for the Grant County Fair.
In my person as Vice-chair of Baker Co Democrats I made the trip to John Day to attend and show our solidarity with the new Party. I also brought with me Merkley, Westland, and Avackian campaign goodies. Our County Party has had access to candidates the the newly formed Grant County Party has not had.
The formation of this Party has pleased DPO, the County Parties, and myself in particular. When I campaigned in the Primary two years ago it was particularly unfortunate to have no direct contact with Grant County Democratic voters. The new party should make reaching the Democratic voters of that county much easier in this important election. We have four state wide races of some import, SoS, Treasurer, Secretary of Labor, and the US Senate seat held by Gordon Smith (R). By far the most hotly contested and contentious race is Jeff Merkley versus Gordon Smith. There are over two thousand registered Democrats in Grant County as well as a nearly equal number of Independents and these numbers may not result in a victory for Jeff Merkley in Eastern Oregon, but decent numbers will help with the State wide total.
It was a real pleasure to meet the smart, enthusiastic, and personable folks from Grant Co Democrats, I hope to have the pleasure again - soon. In our neck of the world the 90 mile drive is nearly next door.

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Carla said...

Merkley visited John Day in this very same restaurant (this may even be the same room). Nancy Nickels hosted the lunch, in fact.

I LOVE that Grant County finally has a DPO chapter. It does my heart good to see my hometown come into the light..even with baby steps.