Monday, August 04, 2008

Race Card? Dollar Bill Ad

McCain campaign apparently thinks their juvenile Photoshopping activities just disappear so when Obama takes note of it, they can cry, "Race card." The fact that an ad is silly or stupid doesn't make it go away, it just sits there waiting to bite you in the ass later. Obama making note of McCain's scare tactics and in particular his not looking like the other pictures on money...well here you go.

People insist that John McCain, POW, is not a racist. That is probably true in one sense, that of disliking someone on that basis, but he is an opportunistic prick who will appeal to that sentiment at the drop of a hat and then smugly claim to have been accused of it and the accuser is a race baiter. We all have friends who buy into this kind of crap, here's the video and all you have to do is email the link or use the embed.

I've never had any particular use for this Hero, nor his self-serving crap. It is instructive to remember that this is the guy who stalled a Congressional investigation into his pal Chuck Keating and the health of Licoln Savings and Loan that ended up costing tax payers serious cash and destroyed quite a few people's economic security, he traded those people for his wealthy and powerful campaign backer. Some of you think his stand on illegal immigration had something to do with people, follow the money and see who benefits by a flooded blue collar labor market. McCain's pals, the plutocrats. Assuming honor in the Senate in this guy's case is risky business.


Hannah said...

Hey Chuck,
For some reason I was unable to post to your site the other day, but I wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog. You have a different viewpoint to add and I always get something from reading your entries.

BTW, I'm a fairly new reader, having "discovered" your blog just a few months ago, despite knowing of you since you ran for the OR-2 Democratic nomination two years ago.

Your analysis of McCain is pretty spot on. One thing I'd like to add is that his taunting and derogatory tone (towards both Obama and the American people), and of course his lying, make him totally unsuitable to be president. 'Course that hasn't stopped people from voting for others ::coughbushcough:: with similar traits. Too sad, really.

Anyway, thanks, and keep up the good work!

Chuck Butcher said...

Thanks Hannah,
I really enjoyed getting to meet people during the campaign, I am a broader individual as a consequence.

From what I've been able to learn, an update to IE7 caused havoc with accessing sites using Sitemeter or videos or some darned thing.