Friday, August 15, 2008

Gordon Smith Would Be A Democrat If Only...

If only Gordon weren't a Bush shill and right wing voter he'd be a Democrat, or maybe if he hadn't done some things...

Gordon Smith, collector of million dollar golf clubs and quick to make international Senatorial jaunts that involve that sport, can't seem to make up his mind how he wants Oregonians to view him. His votes say he's a Right Republican Bush Diehard and Big Money shill. His ads say he's an independent thinker who likes to hook up with Democrats...Democrats like John Kerry. That would be the 2004 Presidential candidate Kerry whom Gordon characterized as "French" as an insult and as a socialist. Oregonians might want to think about that as Gordon touts his "bipartisan" approach to politics. In view of the condition of the nation's economy and Smith's view of Kerry and Bush one has to wonder if that is the course we'd really want to follow.

I suppose Oregonians can figure out why Smith references Barack Obama, though to what end is questionable. He surely didn't think Obama wouldn't notice and make clear his preference for Jeff Merkley. So what happened is that Democratic Senators didn't think too much of their "friend" Gordon using them, there is a limit to Senate collegiality.

Since the Democrats didn't show too much inclination to boost his chances, he ditched his State Co-chair of McCain's campaign and the RNC convention - to concentrate on his campaign... The McCain thing may just piss off ole John, the duties apparently amounted to the use of his name. McCain and St Paul aren't the only Republicans Smith is taking a whack at, Oregon Republican legislators signed off on the bipartisan plan to renovate the Salem building and Smith is now characterizing them as well as Jeff Merkley as spendthrifts. Want to bet they're not pleased to have to defend themselves in their elections from an attack by a fellow Republican?

Gordon's political ambitions and the truth don't have a lot in common, one might note his claims through "Democrats for Smith" to have been amongst the first to oppose the Iraq War. Not even close. This guy will say just about anything to get re-elected, and there is plenty of question as to why. You might expect some legislation to have been authored by someone this desperate to stay in the Senate, but - nope. Maybe he wants an excuse to stay in his mansion in Maryland and not be in nasty old Pendleton, OR. Pendleton's gain, in my opinion.

If you hadn't noticed, I like Jeff Merkley. I first got acquainted with him about 5 years ago and I've watched his Oregon career with interest and admiration from a distance ever since. I've never seen him caught out in a lie or misrepresentation and you can compare that to the pea packer 'from' Pendleton.

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