Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Sorry, no it's not a Batman TV post, it's a Mavericky sort of thing. You see, the answer for any and all criticism is, POW. Honest to god, John, getting shot down has not one damn thing to do with how many houses you've got. Surprisingly enough it is less germane to that than it is to being a good President. What is important to the question is that you want to talk about no kitchen table and such crap in relationship to your houses while actual NON-POW Americans are being put into the same position by fellow Americans without the excuse of them having bombed the snot out of them. That's right, you numbskull, your policies promoted by your advisers and prosecuted by your pals are putting are putting your fellow citizens on the street. Out of jobs, strangled by high prices, screwed by mortgage companies freed by Phil Gramm you're busily creating real competition with yourself for the title of "most dispossessed."

POW. There is no inherent honor in that, there is nasty circumstance to be endured as best possible, but the ability to get into that club isn't remarkable. It may have escaped your notice that there were a bunch of members in the same war and a whole lot of them didn't spend their active war on a carrier being taken care of by seamen. Nope while the Admiral's son spent his time breathing air through a mask dropping ordnance on distant "foes," they were in the mud and blood. Their daily lives just plain sucked, and then they sucked worse and I've yet to hear of one claiming POW makes him Presidential material. Just you.

I'm entirely unimpressed. You want to keep sending our kids back into Iraq, tour after tour, you've made them prisoners of your ambition, die for me little trooper. Another tour, the wife watches her husband leaving wondering if he'll be more of a mess when and if he comes back. How many pieces missing? This POW experience is even uglier, they get a little vacation from it and then cruelly enough, yanked back into it. Telling your five and half year old, I'll see you when you're seven - if I do. You, John McCain, did nothing to cover their butts from torture if captured in any war, nah, if it was good enough for you they can have some - George II decreed it should happen and you were too chickenshit to stand up.

A child of privilege and influence, you lost it for awhile from enemies you'd expect to lose it from; and now we're to believe that experience gives you something in common with ordinary Americans screwed by the policies you approve? You'll give them a $5000 tax credit to get health insurance? They don't pay $5000, you nimrod, or they'd be able to afford some kind of insurance. It is important you look out for your monied interests, POW.

You married mob money and built a political career on the back of your wife's money and POW; working for a living with short prospects isn't something you're familiar with. You have the nerve to call Obama a celebrity and question his credentials, the credentials and Americanism of a family who have done all the right things and all the hard work - versus you - a failure at Annapolis except for Daddy and Grand-daddy. Your academics would never have qualified you for a seat in a jet, I knew Naval aviators and they had to excel to get there. Not you.

You spend POW like it was water, you got elected on it, you've covered your butt with it. Chuck Keating should have sunk you, philandering on your wife in the Republican Party should have sunk you - values you know - but POW saved you. Every stupid remark or policy statement that you make you retreat to POW. It will wear out, McMaverick, it'll become a latenight TV punch line and that'll be it. The Obama campaign must pussyfoot around your qualifications, because you'll POW them. "How dare you question my leadership and judgement, I know how to get captured." You're an ill tempered old man with poor judgement and a worse sense of civility and a bare grasp of current events and geography, but...POW.

I've honestly tried pretty hard to figure out what it is that you offer ordinary Americans other than the discredited trickle down economics and all I come up with is POW. It isn't values, Chuck Keating, cheating on and dumping a crippled wife, an anti-abortion privileged male, living off his wife's money while insulting her in public, just setting an example of a POW making good, by marrying money and influence. Since you're a great leader, how did it escape your notice that your wife was an addict and stealing drugs from a charity? Is that how you propose to run a White House? We've had one disengaged idjit in there for 2 terms already.

I didn't like your sorry self in 2000 and I like you a whole lot less in 2008. Now that you've become the George III and hooked up with his unprincipled political machine you've trashed whatever respect you might have been due for your service 35 years ago. The American public deserves something better than the politics of POW, try it. They might vote for it, but don't bet on it, you may find you've over played that hand. Considering how little I like your ideology (or whatever it is - Mr Flipper-Flopper) I think you should just ignore this little post and keep on POWing. It is what you've got...


debs012345 said...

John McCain, Prosiner of W (as in George W.)

jsg said...

Damn, man! Leave some writing talent for the rest of us.