Thursday, August 07, 2008

Three Quarters of McCain's Loafers

You've heard about John McCain's $520 Italian loafers? Well here's 75% of them.
I know, something other than real pretty, in fact after three years of construction work, pretty darn beat. They'll soon go into the manufacturer,
West Coast Boots (Wesco) for a rebuild. These are built right here in Oregon. They are 16 inch top, lace to the toe, logging boots custom fit to my feet. For $380 I get to take good care of my feet that I spend all day on, working in some pretty horrid conditions. This is the real world, John, expensive shoes have a purpose beyond vanity.
I don't begrudge people having nice things, I have some pretty pointless nice things, but I don't propose that making the rich richer will be of any use to people like me. The George Ws and McMavericks think the wealthy need help being wealthy and the rest of you can wait for "tinkle down." If you don't recognize the economic model, it's the one where that warm wet feeling on the back of your neck lets you know what's just been done to your head, RR called it something less accurate. I sure don't believe any President will be able to quickly rescue this nation from the Bush II legacy, if it were just 7 years of George II that alone would mean real problems but other real problems have reared their heads. Continuing his nonsense with McCain means things will only be aggravated with the continuation of W's stuff (that's polite).
I don't propose that a President has to walk in my shoes. It is required that those shoes get recognized, in reality not campaign sound bites.

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ThePoliticalCat said...

Beaut, Chuck! I like 'em! Especially the commentary that comes with.