Saturday, August 30, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

A long time ago when I was first sobering up I made a mental note about Prayer - be careful what you wish for. Like many alcoholics/addicts I had very little going for me in the line of patience; immediate gratification after all is a hallmark of the disease. One day I started to pray for patience and then a little light went on in my head, gods or higher powers or whatever object of prayer have other ideas and asking for patience might get me lots of opportunities to practice patience...I didn't need more opportunities. I really already had my hands full.

I was struck by that thought as one of the Evangi-nuts appealed to his Christianist fellows:

COLORADO SPRINGS – A video producer for Focus on the Family is asking people to pray for rain when Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois) makes his speech at the end of the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
Obama is giving his acceptance speech outdoor at Invesco Field at Mile High on Thursday, Aug. 28.

Stuart Shepard made the prayer request in his latest Internet video for the evangelical Christian group.

He says he's only partly joking.

"Sure it's boyish humor perhaps to wish for something like that, but at the same time it's something people feel very strongly about. They're concerned about where he would take the nation," said Shepard.

Shepard does a weekly commentary called Stop Light, produced for the Internet by Focus on the Family Action.

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Now it hasn't escaped my notice that Hurricane Gustav appears to have pasted a bullseye on New Orleans, not quite on the anniversery of Katrina, and also coinciding with the Republican Convention and Bush's speech. This might be attributing more power to a nitwit from Focus on the Family than is merited, oh hell, it certainly is; but the irony is too rich not to mine.

Since some of this ilk were so ready to blame Katrina's disasterous outcome on the new Soddom and Gomorrah aspects of New Orleans and a gay parade and there isn't one scheduled it would only seem right for that vengeful Jewish god to be making this about St Paul and Republican Conventions. (why note the Jewish god? - well I'll answer that)

[These pissants regularly make claims to Christianity, they invoke the guy at every possible opportunity. The problem is that they seem to take really large portions of their god view from the Old Testament - really big portions. The namesake of their "religion" said "I bring a new way" and that new way would be what he had to say and the god he talked about had Love as a basis - not vengence. That would be why there are Old and New Testaments, the Old one is supposed to be a history lesson - 'this is how we got here where I tell you the rules aren't the same as you thought.' But the Christianists are all caught up in the Jehova of vengence, plagues, destruction, and general meanness and small mindedness. (If you're Jewish, take no offense at me, I don't believe a bit of it - re: god or you) It boggles the mind that they'll use the name of Christ in their rants. "Adam and Eve not Adam and Andy" or AIDs is payback for sin or 9/11 was allowed because...] (If you're a Christianist and take offense - tough, do it differently)

I suppose if we were to get really Fundamentally Insane it would be apt to blame Gustav on McCain's elevation of a woman beyond her station - despite her insistance that...oh cripes the Republican "family values." What you need to keep in mind that this 'elevated' woman has slobbering approval from people that scare fairly conservative Christians. It is too bad that a woman VP candidate has this much going against her because I surely have a real desire to see women take a real place in American politics, but not this one.

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Anonymous said...

We all know God has such humor. You pray for rain on your fellow man and oops he gave you GUSTAV now I hope that you have learned a valuable lesson. So I will pray for you and the Republicans that everyone will be safe and that the RNC will have a nice convention. NOW THATS A CHRISTIAN

even more ironic...

Gustav meanings "staff of the gods"

Hmmm a beautiful day for the Democrats, yet a category 5 hurricane for the Republicans...we know who God is rootin for!!!!!