Friday, August 01, 2008

A Small Cadre

My small readership has declined of late, considerably. My Technorati ratings have slid, Blogburst uses me seldomly and in lightly read articles. BNN for some reason likes me. Some 30 or so are sticking with me, a small loyal cadre. I'll continue this for awhile and see if it will ever turn around again. I hit a skid last year and came back stronger than previously so we'll see.

Or, has my writing begun to stink? I'm lousy at self-critiques.

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maloney said...

I'd put it down to post-primary politics fatigue. My readership of political blogs is WAYYYY down and I'm one of those who's always involved. (I've almost completely stopped visiting that "big one.")

I haven't let the post-primary Novick hangover keep me from getting involved in the real world, but my "online life" is mostly filled with grammatical and punctuation errors, cute pictures of cats and webcomics.

We'll come back. :)