Tuesday, July 22, 2008

When You Got Nothing, McCain It

So you don't think I'm making things up out of whole cloth, Out of bounds! McCain exaggerates impact of Obama's tax plan on McClatchy.
What happened: McCain frequently says that Barack Obama would raise tax rates on 23 million small-business people who file tax returns as individuals.

Why that's wrong: "It's a false and preposterously inflated figure," concluded factcheck.org, the nonpartisan watchdog group at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center. Many would pay higher taxes, the group said.

Urban Institute-Brookings Tax Policy Center says that considering Obama's $200K individual and $250K couple limit the number might be as high as 700,000 who would see tax increases. The exaggeration would only be 23M/700K or 35.8 times.

Now if you wanted a loan and exaggerated your $43K income by that amount your exaggeration would be $1,539,400 and that would land you in jail. Since John is just a politician and an old one and a POW nobody will get really riled...He's supposed to lie, he's BushCo's clone and a Republican to boot.

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