Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Farm Labor - Illegal

I'm real unsure why it is that farm labor becomes an issue whenever amnesty or path to citizenship comes up. Republican Brad Blakeman just brought up the fact that 40% of that labor is illegal and what will we do about 40% less groceries on the shelf? How exactly he plans to keep the newly legal farm labor down on the farm is beyond me. With legal "impediments" removed they would certainly prefer a better paying less stressful job, as with St Ronnie's amnesty. To make up the lack we will do just as we did after RR, in-source some more workers - illegally.

The agenda is to keep wages low and not inconvenience the plutocrats by enforcing hiring laws. One reason the Social Security data base is so screwed up is that no attempts have been made to weed out the fraudulent use of numbers. It is not that difficult to to sort non-issued numbers, duplicate numbers, and deceased numbers. It would cost money to fix the data base, but mostly it would inconvenience the employer cheats and force wages up.

It is not a matter of the work, it is a matter of the pay for the work. Americans do a lot of really crappy jobs, they do it for money that makes up for it. This is not about discriminating against a racial group or ethnic group, this is about wages. These wages discriminate in themselves against our citizens living in poverty, whatever race or ethnicity. The sympathisers ignore on whose backs they they place the burden. They ignore the history of the US. They ignore simple economics.

This nation is already the most willing and receptive to immigration in the world, questions?

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