Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Reader?

It occurred to me after I put up the Democratic truck that I'd just recently done a travelogue and interspersed truck and travelogue with a bit of McCain bashing and that new readers might find themselves saying, "what does this guy think he's doing?" Ok.

I like to write and I like to write about what interests me and try to be interesting while doing it for your sake. (since the site meter says some people actually read this stuff) I like cars, or maybe more accurately, vehicles and I like guns and shooting and I like politics because they're important. You get what I've got today. Today I loaded 3600 pounds of roofing and tore off shingles and coordinated a political event and media and tried to get another one going - you get pictures of my wife's cool truck that I just spent the evening detailing.

How about a Democratic hand cannon? A Ruger Vaquero in .45 Colt, a modestly powered round? Nope, this thing will put a 365 grain bullet out at 1350 feet per second, 150% the weight of a 44 Magnum at just barely less velocity than the magnum's 1400fps. This pistol will reliably hunt anything in Oregon. It also pounds your hand. With standard Colt rounds it is a joy to shoot, well balanced with a slick trigger and easy to be accurate with. I stand firm on the 2nd Amendment because it is important and I bring that to the Democratic Party because I'm sick of losing elections over stupid stuff and a Republican mantra that Democrats hate guns. People like to talk about stolen elections; well here's a news flash - you can't steal 'em if they ain't close... (h/t to Mike - you know) Al Gore and John Kerry lost their elections over guns and that's a damn stupid thing to do. (really - consider George W Bush for a second) Go ahead and ask me why I'm Vice-chair of the DPO Gun Owners Caucus and why we'll go hunting those votes.

No this is not reasonable transportation, my wife drove this thing for 3 years, all year around, studs on all four in the snow, it has 32K on the odometer and if you're gentle with it will get 15 mpg on Premium - these Bush economy days it stays parked - a lot. It goes from 0 to 45 mph in 60 feet on a dragstrip, it's kind of like the world exploded. I spent 4 months taking this car apart and putting it together the way Chevrolet would have built it 35 years after they actually did. Unlike the muscle cars of yore this thing stops and handles. It's a 1962 Chevy II Nova, sorta.

Here's a funny thing, my Democratic friends, I shoot competitively and drag race with some of the nicest people I've ever met. The guy you just beat will help you find a replacement for a broken part or give you a hint for improved performance. These folks tend to vote Republican. As a construction contractor, shooter, and drag racer I'm a bit of the odd man out as a Democrat. This really isn't reasonable.

If you don't like these kinds of things, find out about them before you oppose them, if you want to talk about something like gun control, know what firearms are and what the laws are. Reasoned discussion is impossible from a point of ignorance. Economically these are Democratic voters.

I'm going to spend several hours with Ben Westlund Saturday, so maybe I'll have some political insights you won't get from MSM...

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