Saturday, July 19, 2008

Texass Republican Convention

Hat Tip to Andrew Sullivan and Clio at Balloon Juice Comments

Tell me again about the New Yorker cover? Is there really ridicule for these people that is excessive? This is GWB's base and McCain's vote. When you think about those POW ads and the All-American values they're supposed to appeal to keep this crap in mind and make the point. How far exactly would I have to go to say something this offensive and untrue about McCain? You can believe that the Democratic Party of Oregon has no love for George II and his McCain clone, but... nothing remotely close, ever. Can we survive another empty Flight Suit in the White House? Probably.

Politics has been described as war by other means, if this doesn't tell you that a real fight is called for, that your money and especially your time is well spent on this endeavor, I don't know what it would take...

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