Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wanna Come Play VP Poll? Vol.I

These folks are in no order and in no preference of mine. The list is not inclusive, so the deal is, if you pick somebody else go to the comments and put their name there. Tuesday I'll drop the bottom votes and republish with additions from the comments and we'll continue this game as long as you're interested... The entire poll will be refreshed so vote again after the additions. Or - if you don't want to play we'll just quit.

Obama and who for VP?
Wes Clark
Somebody else - see comments free polls
If you want to pump for somebody I don't mind, but "somebody else" costs you a comment. This is exactly as scientific as monkeys at a keyboard but it might be fun.

1 comment:

Chuck Butcher said...

Since the one vote for "somebody else" didn't bother to state who that was...

Looks like a handful of the regular readers wanted to play, so I'll let this die.