Tuesday, July 08, 2008

FISA Foul Mood

Some more nails are being busily driven into the coffin of the 4th Amendment. I have, over time, yowled about previous depredations but this one drives me past that into essentially silence. It isn't really the immunity that's done it, that is civil immunity not criminal, it is the rest of the package. If I didn't see a handful of Senators, including my own - Wyden, opposing this I'd just quit politics.


KISS said...

Another Flip-Flop by Obama, the worst part is the grovelling excuse to voting the for the amnesty to the giant telecoms...could it be a pay back? Strengthens by believe in a multi-party system.
Hey repugs start singing "Mule Train" and use the words Flippity-Flop.

KISS said...

"by believe in a multi-party system" should have read, My belief in a multi party system.
Being our 53 annivarsary I seem to be thinking of other things Bahaaaaaha