Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hosting Sen Ben Westlund

Ben Westlund is a smart, charming, politician. If you check his website you'll also find that he's a terrific candidate for State Treasurer. Ben Westlund's dedication to the people of Oregon is beyond question. His management skills have been demonstrated in private enterprise and in the Oregon Senate. The last gubernatorial race demonstrated a fine political judgement and an ability to subordinate personal aims to a larger issue.

Ben Westlund sank a Republican career over principles. If that has little meaning to you, political thinking is beyond you. I may be perfectly pleased to have Ben Westlund as a Democrat, but there were payments made by the Senator for that change. His enthusiastic support of Gov Kulongoski's campaign last election made a large difference. These are not matters of small import nor of small personal consequences.

It was a real pleasure to get personally acquainted with Ben Westlund and I am happy to have added my name to his list of endorsers. The down ticket races for Secretary of State, State Treasurer, and Attorney General have real impact on the function of our state government and its ability to well serve its citizens, you can have confidence that a vote for Westlund is in that interest.

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