Monday, July 07, 2008

McCain In Hanoi

Today Lawrence Eagleburger told Andrea Mitchel on MSNBC that "McCain spent many years in Hanoi and other places studying these issues (foreign policy/war). I'd like to know about all the news reports and studies and books the N Vietnamese made available to their captives. We are to believe that John McCain and Vietnam have something to do with knowing squat or having any judgement regarding foreign policy. How is it that they can make these claims and make a credible case to the media that debunking it is calling John McCain's service into question? It would seem that if that were the case those surrogates would be using some of the rightwing nutcase points regarding propaganda films and POWs.

McCain's cave in on Guantanamo type interrogation techniques is particularly troubling in the face of his personal experience regarding governmental ends in interrogations. It casts some real questions on what he learned in Hanoi.

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