Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McCain's Consistency On Iraq

JedReports - HuffPo

McCain might want to stop complaining about the news media leaving him out of the headlines. He's re-made his image so many times it's doubtful he knows who he is anymore. For Pete's sake, he's not even sure which football team he lied to his captors about - or somebody. He is pretty sure gay marriage will ruin marriage though in his experience it has to do with injuries, weight (hers) and wealth (the other hers) and should be a state non-issue.

If the media paid attention and took his statements seriously maybe a CBS interview would go ahead and include his assertion that the "Sunni awakening" happened because of the "surge" rather than the factual preceding it by nearly six months. All the while he was excoriating Obama for being confused about Iraq...

Phil Gramm violated a prime tenet of the McCain campaign, he told the truth about what they believe. You won't catch Mr Maverick Straight Talk making that mistake. Democrats have embarrassed me before, but this Republican outfit is so ludicrous they've finally killed the term's meaning as excess.

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