Tuesday, July 15, 2008

McCain Learns From Inexperienced Obama

John McCain has scoffed at Barak Obama's inexperience and naivete in foreign policy; to hear him tell it the man is dangerous to our security. Now he's decided to learn something from Obama, Afghanistan is in trouble, needs troops, so he's up for Obama's position that at least 2 brigades need to be sent. It would seem that with the draw in Iraq for troops they must come from that center of action. This shocking development was shortly followed up by damage control in a more shocking fashion.
I know how to win wars. And if I'm elected President, I will turn around the war in Afghanistan, just as we have turned around the war in Iraq, with a comprehensive strategy for victory."
Apparently we're back to the POW theme, somehow from Hanoi, under the very noses of the N Vietnamese, John "Maverick" McCain won the War. You're not convinced? You had some idea that we lost that war? Since that's the extent of McCain's combat military experience, he must be privy to something the rest of us aren't. There are 100 US Senators and I don't remember them running any wars...in fact I seem to remember his kissin' buddy, George W, making the point that he's the decider. Now I know McCain is older than dirt but I can't remember him making any claims to have generalled in WWII. In fact what we do know about McCain is that he knows how to crash Navy planes - several.

Now it is true that John McCain can't tell the difference between Shia and Sunni and which runs Iran - or Iraq, and it is true that McCain was one of the biggest booster of the Iraq war in Washington and it is true that McCain isn't real clear on what countries still exist, Czechoslovakia, but he was real sure Saddam Hussein was going to supply al Qaeda with WMDs that he didn't have and wouldn't give the that bunch ever... Joe Biden isn't impressed:
"President Bush and Sen. McCain lump all the threats together," said Biden. "Al Qaeda, the Shia militia, listen to them speak. Listen to my friend Joe Lieberman, and he really is a friend, listen to them speak. Find me a distinction that they make. As a consequence of this profound confusion they make profound mistakes. The idea that al Qaeda will cooperate with the philistine, a guy who in fact used to run the country in Iraq, the guy who did away with the caliphate... is completely contrary to anything that the now-dead leader of Iraq had in mind. It's dangerous. How can we run a sound foreign policy without understanding these decisions? How can we talk about a Shiite-dominated nation cooperating with a Sunni dominated Wahabi sect of Islam as if they had anything in common? Yet listen to my friends, listen to the president, listen to Joe Lieberman, listen to John McCain. Ladies and gentlemen, if they can't define the enemy we are fighting it is very difficult to define whether we have won or lost."
So how it goes is the inexperienced Obama opposed going to war in Iraq and taking our eye off Afghanistan and has advocated withdrawal from Iraq and repositioning in Afghanistan while McCain has insisted along with George II that Iraq is the forefront of the battle against Islamic terrorism and just how to start losing Afghanistan. Considering the record, I'd say McCain has no clue and I'll take inexperience backed by thought and judgement. Republicans must find this all very odd or just deny its existence...

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